"TopTanx offers Top Notch Pollution Coverage to keep your client protected and remain in compliance. Our experienced underwriters make writing tanks easy and hassle free. Call us today and let us show you the difference!"
-TopTanx Team

About Us

    TopTanx provides clean up costs coverage and third party liability to satisfy federal and state mandated financial assurance regulations. We work with premiere brokers and wholesalers across the United States to provide a comprehensive pollution solution for underground storage tank owners. TopTanx is comprised of an underwriting team writing tanks on Great American Alliance Insurance Company paper. Since this is a mono line coverage, we are the best in the business and would like the opportunity to talk to you about your tank book and what we can do for you. Our customer service combined with some of the best coverage has allowed us to be the best in the nation.

    The storage tank market has seen carriers come and go, and we believe that our approach to underwriting and providing coverage is very unique. Our service team will assist you with the application process, provide a prompt quote and help get a policy to you in unparalleled fashion. We give you the tools to help make you and your insured successful.

    TopTanx is underwritten by a strong, admitted insurer using a policy form that was designed by leading petroleum marketers. The Texas-based administrator handles coverages for over 7,000 tanks Nationally. The program carrier, Great American Alliance Insurance Company, maintains an A+XIV financial rating by the A.M. Best Co.

    TopTanx has the necessary assets to provide a comfortable customer experience. We thank our experienced staff for these efforts and their enthusiasm. Read more about these great people here on our Employee Profile's page.

Success Stories

   What distinguishes us? Let us share acual events which illustrate the creative collaboration behind the TopTanx and broker/agent relationshio:

  One morning we received an application from a broker requesting a quick turnaround quote. The new tank owner was closing on the property that day and required proof of UST financial assurance for the bank. However, during the underwriting process, it was discovered that the propery had existng contamination. What might be considered a road block for some insurers was navigated smoothly by the TopTanx team working closely with the broker. We were able to use special coverage to exclude the known contamination and still issue a policy to the new tank owner by that afternoon.

  A tank owner with multiple locations spanning various states required specilaized coverage to meet each state's UST financial responsibility requirements. The broker looked to TopTanx for guidance. Our team customized multiple policies and issued certificates to satisfy each state's requirement for financial assurance. The creative action of the team provided the broker and the tank owner a piece of mind that they had the proper coverage in place.

  A retail agent was working to obtain a new large Propery & Casualty account. The UST policy was a tricky coverage for the agent and asked TopTanx for help reviewing the other insurer's policy. Many discrepancies were discovered while comparing the current policy to the application and state database UST listings. Our team put together a comprehensive proposal for the agent to present to the prospect that pointed out broader coverage with higher limits. Not only was the agent successful in obtaining the entire account, the UST coverage was confidently placed with TopTanx.

Our Advantages

Definition of Insured
Entity and those who serve as officers, employees, partners, members and shareholders."
Source of Pollution Liability
Loading/Unloading.[72 hours reporting provision]
Optional Coverages
  • Business Interruption.
  • UST Repair/Replacement.
  • -Offered in select regions and for tanks that qualify
Timing of Incident
Liability - all except known incidents at original inception. Clean-up after attachment date.
Extended Reporting
6 months automatic. Cancellation of the policy is not a prerequisite.
Extended Reporting of Claims
Automatic 48 months - no charge. Clean-up - automatic 6 months - no charge.
Application of Deductible
First dollar defense cost. Deductible applies only to actual loss.
Assessment Costs
Included as part of covered pollution incident loss. These costs are typically significant.
Experienced Underwriting
TopTanx has been administrating a pollution program through Great American Alliance since 1990. Great American Alliance is a member of Great American Insurance Companies. The Group presents an A+XIV, by A. M. Best Company financial rating.
Personalized Service
We have the resources of both the Independent Agent and experienced underwriting team to assist with insurance and tank system management matters.
Claim Expertise and Underwriting Commitment
Nationally recognized pollution claims service.