"TopTanx offers Top Notch Pollution Coverage to keep your client protected and remain in compliance. Our experienced underwriters make writing tanks easy and hassle free. Call us today and let us show you the difference!"
-TopTanx Team

Tank Tools:

    TopTanx thrives on resourcefulness. Sharing knowledge strengthens bonds with our brokers, agents, and consultant relationships.

    Understanding tanks, as well as understanding the federal and state level requirements to keep tanks in compliance is the area in which we specialize. Let us be the expert. We can provide you the tools to assist your client in becoming successful tank owners and operators.

    Since TopTanx deals with federal, state, and project managers on a consistent basis, we are equipped and inspired to help our friends avoid disruptions and find practical solutions to their tank management challenges. By remaining in compliance and monitoring inventory correctly, a tank release can be caught before it becomes disastrous.

Actual Story

    A tank owner and operator realized they had to order additional deliveries of diesel fuel for several weeks in a row, but there was no increase in diesel sales at the station. They quickly assumed theft of fuel. For several nights the owner conducted a "stake out", and later installed costly high-tech surveillance systems to catch the supposed thieves in action. When this provided no solution, they considered the possibility of a leak. Indeed the missing fuel was not being stolen, it was leaking into the ground for months while trying to catch a "thief". The result was a loss of 11,000 gallons of diesel fuel! Had the tank owner and operator simply conducted the mandatory monthly inventory reconciliation, the result would have been detected in the early stages. This oversight proved to be a costly mistake for the tank owner, who could also receive fines for non-compliance by the state regulatory agency.

$2,600 For the surveillance system
$38,500 11,000 gallons of lost fuel (at $3.50/gal)
$19,000 Repair/Replacement of Tank System*
$10,000 Incident Deductible
$70,100 Total Out of Pocket

Cost of staying in compliance and catching that release after 500 gallons... PRICELESS!

*Optional coverages such as Repair/Replacement Costs and Business Interruption are available for select regions and tanks that qualify.



Information is based on the federal regulations outlined in the EPA's last revision to the Energy Act in 2005. However, please note that state or local regulatory agency may be more stringent. If you have any questions regarding UST regulations, please contact your state or local regulatory agency.